August 22, 2012

Books on Sale

New Copies of Books
Suffering from a book overload, with many older titles, and boxes of books yet to be listed for sale. 

This week will begin a purge, With the kindle's entry onto the market, print book sales have dropped.

While some titles will remain for sale, others may be repurposed, donated, and perhaps tossed.

Now, this is a time consuming process.

What will determine be the outcome?
  1. Price - Postage and packaging prices are rising, while using recycled packaging whenever possible (turning cereal boxes into shipping boxes) this is not always possible.
  2. Number of Copies for sale - Very popular, these you will find hundreds of copies for sale, does it pay to store them waiting for a buyer? 
  3. Condition - Paperbacks from the 60's and 70's can be fragile, are they still in the condition they have been listed in?
  4. Emotion - A tough call, some books just have an emotional feel, inscriptions, nostalgia.
  5. Status - Already listed for sale or processing, more of the unlisted will go without listing.
  6. Space - with every nook and cranny in the stockroom full, the inventory has been creeping into unused spaces inside our home. 
Shop while you can. Ordering more than one? Combined shipping can be arranged.