October 25, 2013

Cinderella's White Mouse and Pumpkin Smiley Jack O' Lantern Halloween Decor

"By Trudy Connor"

Cinderella's White Mouse 

Smiley Jack O' Lantern 

Halloween Decor

A spooky evening is coming up! Halloween is a favorite of adults and children.

While a scary decor can be fun sometimes it is just as fun to add a touch of whimsy.

Why is this called a Cinderella's White Mouse Jack O' Lantern you ask? A young girl saw this pumpkin from the back and insisted this was Cinderella's pumpkin. The white mouse turns into a horse that pulls the pumpkin carriage after the pumpkin turns into the carriage. The mouse is just waiting on the magic to appear! When I turned it around she laughed and said they were dressed for Halloween.

As the years have passed I have pictured the young girls face many times. Perhaps this will bring the magic to your home!

October 24, 2013

Blog Revival

"By Trudy Connor"

I want to thank David Kutcher and his Google+ post. A trigger I need to begin blogging again. 

In May I opened an WhatnotGems on Esty shop, slowly building the inventory to 280 listings. Sales have been slow and varied. Several Vintage Patterns, A vintage Movie Projector, some felt, a table cloth, and one of my favorite cordial glasses have found new homes. 

Visitors to my shop have been low, but not missing. The key is patience. Many of the items I have for sale are unique.

How many know to search for a Vintage Smoking Head Ashtray? This Porcelain Whimsy has Wanna See Smoke Come Out My Ears on the base. 

"A single wink and a cigarette resting in my mouth, will produce smoke coming out my ears!"

Do you collect Ashtrays or other tobacciana also known as tobacco artifacts.

Purchased in Japan by a Navy Officer this ashtray was carried by aircraft carrier to the United States. I remained in his collection, until I listed it for sale. The crack in the glazing is original according the the GI.

You can find my Smoking Head listing at WhatnotGem on Etsy.

Thus I have began again, can I maintain this blog is the question!