December 5, 2010

My final move!

OK So I keep moving my Flea market booth. I believe my 4th location is the final one although I am getting quite a work out moving approx 1,200 books each time.

As you can see this booth has great lighting, pegboard walls to hang on. A local vendor made my sign.

Now the story of my move, On Wednesday morning my husband and I took a drive out to the Flea market to start fixing my booth up. I had two sets of metal bookcases back to back, two freestanding bookcases, one long table, a card table, and a desk in my booth. One wall had some pegboard leaning against it but with it not being anchored it was not sturdy enough to hang anything on. The back wall was open you could see the vendors parking and the backs of the other vendors with their piles of boxes with items to sell. Not a very pretty sight. The couple on the other side only used the first two feet of their booth and the rest was storage for their boxes of shoes. I could make it look good, but it never looked to appealing to me. My husband’s reaction was the kicker he did not like it he was cold, and I did not have the heart to make him wait in the car while I started reorganizing the booth. I had measured and confirmed I could open the bookcases up.

Thursday I worked getting boxes of book ready to take with me. I boxed up another two hundred hardcover new books and 4 boxes of mixed used titles.

Friday at 7am I arrive to find I needed another table, on my way to the office I ran into Kim.

She pointed out the vendor next to her had moved out Thursday, It had two wall three lights. The proposal was on did I want to move. After a short internal debate I decided it would be wise I could start the move that night. Kim insisted we do it then, as Fridays are slow. So off to the races we began. I had stashed boxes and began pulling them out filling with books dollies appeared, fellow vendors chipped in and by 10:30 everything was moved to the new booth the book shelves lined up and pegboard placed on the back of the two missing backs. What took me two days to move and set up myself was done in less than a day! And the last time I had fewer Items to move and 4 less bookcases.

By 12pm books were back on the shelves Tables in place. The trunk of my car was emptied of new books and 3pm saw an organized booth.

My fellow vendors have been wonderful to me they helped to stage and move, share advice and are the friendliest lot of people I have ever met.

Will I move again? Not unless it is an air-conditioned booth, with more traffic. The end of December will decided if I stay or not. Sales have been poor for myself and everyone else. With my husbands health I cannot afford to stay if sales do not pick up. But I will thoroughly enjoy all the friends I am making now.

Have a Happy Holiday…

December 1, 2010

A Florida Blustery Day

The wind woke me this morning. It was just whistling away. Reminding me of snow storms up north.

This fall has been mild and I just had to open the windows once in a while. One bedroom window looked closed, but was not latched. The wind was blowing in with a whistle.

Oh Winter...

Take a look at the Vogue Couturier pattern for a woman's 1960's Alberto Fabiani winter coat! What a beautiful design. With it's knee length it helped keep you warm when wearing those minis skirts!

Well this Florida bluster is not like the ones up north. These coats are all too heavy for Florida, but I can dream of being up north, as I sit here in my T-shirt and shorts.

Enjoy your Holiday Shopping as I get ready to Ship some more orders.

November 27, 2010

How was your Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving started with me getting up at 3 am, not to cook a turkey but to do some paperwork I was worried about finishing. Two hours later I was back to bed.
I took it easy the rest of the day, loading more books and items into my car.

Prince of Persia by A. B. Sina, Jordan Mechner, LeUyen Pham, Alex Puvilland
Long ago in Persia, there lived a Prince -- a man of honor, of valor, and full of strength -- a man for his people, who lived with them and took on their trials and hardships. And he was loved.
His name is no longer remembered. When people speak of him, they call him merely, 'The Prince of Persia,' as if there have been no others, and his descendants are enjoined to live like him, to be like him, to the ends of their days.

Black Friday, I spent most of my time eating, reading, talking photography and books.

November 26, 2010

Happy Holidays from Whatnot Rambling!

The moon shone high in the sky
as I sliced into the pie.
As I served a smile did appear
On all those I hold dear.

Happy Holidays


November 23, 2010

What's that smell!

This morning walking into the kitchen I noticed an odor. Alright, I had not done the dishes last night, but an odor means the kitchen is dirty. I promptly did my dishes. Took out the recycling, retrieved the recycling bin from the curb. Now I sit here with the windows open. I found the odor it is my trash can. It seems I have not emptied the can all week. The can is still not full, but something in there sure smells.

Well you can guess what I will be doing this morning.


I still have not put up my tree. I just have not had the time to pull it out of the closet, perhaps this afternoon.

Tomorrow I decorate my booth at the fleamarket. I am having so much fun talking to people as they shop. Now if only I can sell enough to pay my rent and for the items I am selling.

November 18, 2010

My Friday at Fleamaster

The big Flea market in Fort Myers is Fleamaster. I rented booth 48 orange. This booth is not on the outer perimeter. One side of the isle the stores have been there for several years, Sparky’s features Ed Hardy Cloths. Here’s your sign makes custom signs on the premises. The other booth has a woman who hand crafts sweaters, quilt and tea towels. The couple to my left feature handcrafted Christmas ornaments. To my right is an insurance agent.

I have 1,000+ books jewelry purses, shoes and infant hats.

Friday, One woman stopped and purchased 23 of the The Gunsmith Series by J R Roberts, I now have 6 left.  Other than her traffic has been very slow. Sparkey's has a return customer. I recognize the customer from earlier.

Down the hall is a stand that sells cutlery.

I managed to purchase a taco salad from the Tex-Mex stand down the way, an excellent choice.

The rest of the day was very slow; I spent most of my time talking to my neighbors.

This booth is tight. The sun is bright. I am tired.

November 16, 2010

Christmas comes early?

I was just reading The Eccentric Thrifter Blog this morning. I have been considering putting up my Christmas Decorations before Thanksgiving this year. Normally I wait until Thanksgiving weekend, but I am considering opening a booth full time a the local Flea market.

If I do this I will not be home Thanksgiving weekend to put up the tree. Also I have enough ornaments for 3 trees. I might consider selling more of the ornaments I do not use. I have posted a few collectible ornaments for sale. Take a look at them.

Oh no! I found the best ornament on Bargain Express's site take a look at this dress! Hum maybe I need more ornaments after all.

November 7, 2010

Book grading

The problem, or is it a blessing, of selling books is, I find many I want to read. This morning I found:

Something the cat dragged in by Charlotte MacLeod

Watch me as I grade this book.

Published for the Crime Club by Doubleday, 1983 Marked N50 on page 184. Dj has 2495 on the back. Jacket By David Johnson
Hum, First Edition! Maybe I will not read it.
The Dust Jacket has rubbing, edge wear, a small tear at the upper spine and on edges of the book. My grade Good.
The Book, The spine is not new tight it has been read, the pages look clean, no dog ears, Price in pencil on first page I will leave this there. Bottom spine looks bumped, Corners lightly bumped. Small spot bottom edge.

My final write up
"First Edition VG Has been read, Published for the Crime Club by Doubleday, 1983 Marked N50 on page 184. DJ has 2495 on the back. Jacket By David Johnson, sticker on back of DJ and Spine. Price in pencil first page. Soiling on back bottom corner of book. Edge wear light. Binding normal wear. Corners are bumped. Pages clean and crisp. DJ Good has chips tears and/ or rubbing. "

#4 in the The Peter Shandy Series


The venerable Herbert Ungley wouldn't have been caught dead without his toupee. So when his landlady's cat dragged it into her kitchen, Betsy Lomax knew something was amiss. When she found old Ungley lying behind the Balaclavian Society clubhouse, she knew it was murder. And when the police chief called it an accident, she knew it was time to call Professor Peter Shandy, whose success at sleuthing had already surpassed his fame as father of the world-renowned rutabaga, the Balaclava Buster.

Before long, the Hercule Poirot of the turnip fields found himself knee-deep in unanswered questions: Who was Ungley's long-lost heir? Where had Ungley's shockingly large bank account come from? Why had another dead body been planted among the trees of Balaclava College? And would Professor Shandy be able to root out the killer?

It takes me time to get each book posted If you want this book I am posting it without the picture now, but I will have a photo posted tomorrow.

Blogging. Please Post Your opinion!

New to the blogging world, when I look at my blog, I think I did am doing a good job. But then, I happen to look at another blog and I see so many wonderful ideas.

Take The Walls that Talk Blog. It has a peaceful serenity to it with its subtle deep blue background and pale yellow foreground. Even the product pictures have the same feel. They have some wonderful Holiday decorating ideas.

Lighted Glass Blocks
"Have you seen those clear glass blocks at all the hobby stores? They have a hole that you can slide a sting of Christmas lights inside. Apply a holiday design or quote to the glass and the light will shine thru. What a great way to lighten up a dark corner and bring in some Christmas sparkle!"

After looking at the blog I wonder should I change mine, but then I stall and think I like my background. What do you think?

November 2, 2010

Just listed!

I have been waiting the arrival of these little Beanies!

The infant hats are so cute!

Just the right weight for winter or summer.

Can you picture them with ribbons and bows attached?

I would have loved to used my new great niece and nephews,

but they are just to far away to model for me.

Of course the 18" doll does not come with the hats:)

Just enough stretch to stay on they are available in 9 colors



Buster Brown

Creamy Yellow

Cotton Candy

Hot pink

Sweet Pink

Snow White

November 1, 2010

The ghosts and goblins

have gone to bed, along with the group of Hippies.

Last night I enjoyed myself answering the door and handing out Bandz.
Just one of the styles I have

We all deserve a treat.

November is about Thanksgiving and family. It is a time you begin to winterize you home and snuggle up with a book.
I have 1,500 pounds of books I will be posting slowly to my website this month and I am going to have a sale at the same time. I must be insane. They will also be on my Amazon and Alibis store.

The codes below will allow you and your friends 15% off through Google checkout.
familyreads 15.0% off Whatnot

thanks10 15.0% off Gems

Green Freshwater Baroque Pearl Bracelet

Perhaps you can help me with my goal of getting these posted and sold.

I also will have some crocheted baby hats hitting the site later this week I do not list until they arrive.

October 31, 2010

On this most spooky day...

The witch she does decree.
Cats, cats, more cats,
A familiar you just need,
perhaps among the local folk,
yours you will see.

A search you must obey.

A trip to find the cats meow.

or shades of candy corn,

musical cats,

frightening cats,

comical cats

ngbat cats,

gaming cats,

stripped cats

holiday cats,

A retro cat,

Last but not least the Gothic cat!

Which one did you decide.
Out of the few you see above
They Might have friends waiting for you
Click each one to find out more.

Enjoy you trip and this game.


October 25, 2010

Do you read Romance?

22 Percent of Romance Readers are Men

A very interesting article about individuals who read Romance.

How many of you know there are many different sub genre of romance, and which do you prefer?

  • Contemporary Romance is set after World War II
  • Historical Romance is set before World War II
  • Romantic Suspense involves an intrigue or mystery for the protagonists to solve
  • Paranormal Romance blends the real with the fantastic or science fictional.
  • Science Fiction Romance is a romance novel that takes place in a story that would otherwise be classified as a science fiction story.
  • Fantasy Romance, also known as Romantic Fantasy, is a subgenre of fantasy fiction, describing a fantasy story using many of the elements and conventions of the romance genre.
  • Time-travel Romances are a version of the classic "fish out of water" story. In most, the heroine is from the present day and travels into the past to meet the hero.
  • Inspirational Romance, as the market exists today, combines explicitly Chriistian themes with the development of a romantic relationship.
  • Multicultural Romance typically features a hero and/or heroine who is African-American, although some multicultural lines also include Asian or Hispanic heroes or heroines or interracial relationships.
  • Erotic Romance, sometimes called romantica, is a blend of romance and erotica.
My present favorite, Bite Me If You Can: An Argeneau Novel by Lynsay Sands. Of course my favorite changes often. Can you name yours?

October 23, 2010

My day at the flea market!

I spent my day at the flea market with about 600 books. It is not close to the house, at 5am I loaded the car with the intentions of spending the day....

"The Flea Market of Ortiz Avenue is Southwest Florida's oldest and most unique flea market. Most loved by locals. With nearly 600 spaces, we offer everything from A - Z."

What did I learn. Next time do more research. If I had Spanish books I would have sold out in the first hour.

Children are the same everywhere. I had a family stop by with three little girls. Each girl picked out a book and immediately wanted to sit down and read, while the parents wanted to shop. They passed my booth three times and I could watch the girls progress by the way they held the book.

The day was very slow. But sunny and mild will I do it again, probably once or twice when I need to download my inventory.

What will I do with the rest of my evening?

Put my books in order and record the sales.

October 21, 2010

Happy Halloween Already

We have 10 days left for Halloween. I cannot believe it.

This fellow is dressed for Halloween and waiting for treats. Since he is in disguise you have to click on the link to see his costume.

If you only get one or two tricksters you could give them Balloon Animals, of course once you start they will want them all year round.

I have been dieting this year, I am not giving out candy! Last year 10 tricksters came to my door, the year before 100, hard to predict the volume of treats order, left over candy is not good for me! Out goes the candy and in goes ..... I will keep you posted on what treat I decided to give, when the shipment arrives. The only way to keep myself out of the candy dish!

Hum, I wonder if the Gorilla knows Halloween is coming.

October 18, 2010

Just an artsy Day!

Comycgyrl Collectibles has an eye for art!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Perentie Art by Elaine Williams

What a eye I wish I had been at the auction to watch her bid on the the Art work. I did not see it up for sale, so perhaps she has not got it listed or has decided to keep it.

Se does have a wonderful figurine That would go perfectly in any home take a look at this... adorable frog!

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Finish at last and boxed to go...

I blogged earlier about the baby blanket I was crocheting, here is a photo of the finish product.

As you can tell she is having a baby boy.

I finished Saturday morning and have it boxed to ship today. I missed the shower being so far away.

Priority mail it goes.

I Love crafts

Monday seems to be the day I am looking at other blogs the second one,

Sassy News I read today has a very nice article on inexpensive gifts. The one that caught my eye is the Manicure Kit take a look.

Now when I manage to tear my way past all the great ideas she has, I found she also sells handcrafted items on is this adorable Handmade
Sheep Bib & Burp Cloth Set If you have or had children you know this is one of the most indispensable items you can use with your baby! What a great idea to have them matching! I wonder if could use these to count sheep!

Now for mom, you could give her freshwater pearl earrings. These are great they do not dangle for little hands to grab. I have three sizes available. I have also paired two sizes for a mother & daughter set!

And the prettiest blog award goes to...

Lilacs n Dreams ....

It not every day I come across a blog where I am pulled in by the Lilac coloring. This morning I was greeted with a pumpkin at the head of the blog. I followed the blog to her site. She does have some wonderful finds one is a Nem France Blue and White Decorative Plate!

Yes I love to shop how about you...

October 15, 2010

The World of a rambler.

I sit here in my chair. I have an afgan I am working on for my niece's baby, due next week! A cup of coffee at my side. I have several boxes of books to work on, but today I just do not feel like doing it. The baby is coming, I will start crocheting when I complete this blog.

Yesterday and all of this week I have had a cold and cough! Driven to 5 doctors appointment with my husband and look forward to a quiet morning. I have two packages I will drop in the mail, on my way to my husband's next doctors appointment. Tomorrow, I plan on going to a local flea market and seeing what I can find, or perhaps next week when the cough clears up.

I have a weeks worth of laundry to do and two weeks worth of cleaning to accomplish this coming weekend.

To the side are purses to photograph, papers to file and a months worth of work to do in a week.

Right now my interest is the new baby coming! I wish I could be there for the birth.

October 14, 2010


I looked at

Yarny Wonders -and then some!

Followed some links..

You will adore these handcrafted dolls ! They are not toys, but they are absolutely adorable. Check them out! By Barb

Picture them on your miniature tree this Christmas or your mantel!

Click the link and check out the others!

The Value of Art.

What type of art do you decorate your home with do you ever look at it enjoy it?

Mediterranean Seaside Town Painting Many Cypress

Many of us hang a piece of art because it fills the space. But do you enjoy the art you have hung?

Mediterranean Seaside Painting Cypress

My belief is a piece of art is something you want to look at daily. It must have the something you want to see. Can you frame a child's drawing? Definitely, I framed one of my daughters, when she was 10. I still have it hanging today.

Does your art have to match? No it does not, you are not one-dimensional neither should your art be. You can hang a Renoir next to a botanical watercolor, or a Dali next to a charcoal sketch.

Perhaps you like Photographic art. The photo of the Old shoes just pulls me in. You can check it out on Random Oasis Photography

Scenic View of Mediterranean Seaside Town

Scenic View of Mediterranean Seaside Town

 You may not be able to afford a home on the ocean, but you can hang an ocean view as a serene setting for your home.

 How do you frame a photo or piece of art. My suggestion take the art with you. Lay the frame over it does it enhance the art? Perhaps matting?

I have three small painting listed with Mediterranean Seaside setting. I am showing one piece here with three different styles of frame. Which of these frames would you prefer?

October 12, 2010

Chicken again! Fried Rice!

I did a rotisserie chicken recipe the other day I hope you enjoyed it. Today I did a pseudo Fried rice. I will admit it is not as good as the authentic, but I think I was close.


I began with 3/4 cup diced onion sauteed over med-low heat, I then measured out 1/2 cup rice, tossed that into the onion mixture added 1 cup of homemade chicken stock, 1 - 1 1/2 cup frozen mixed vegetables. a dash of salt and pepper, cover and simmer approx 1o minutes. While cooking I diced 1 cup rotisserie chicken. I added the chicken to the top to warm about 5 more minutes. Just before serving I added 2 teaspoons soy sauce.

I have a mild allergy to eggs so I dished up one plate, then scrambled 1 egg into the second portion.

Serve hot of course.

Now this is not "fried" but it does not stick to my skillet and takes very little fat to produce.

Something seemed to be missing or is it my cold any suggestions?

October 10, 2010

Tea cup lamps!

A Great Holiday Gift Idea!

I found these wonderful instruction on Shades ETC's blog for creating your own teacup lamp!

If you do not want to make your own you can find them already completed! check these out

Not only does the site feature tea cups but tea pots also!

With the holidays coming these unique lamps would make an exquisite gift for the tea lover in your life.

Now if you want to create your own and do not have a spare teacup I can offer a few styles.

The first would be sweet!

Cup and Saucer Adderley Forget Me Not/Sweet Forget Me Not

Pair this with violets and a cream colored shade for a wonderful little girls night light!

The Second Elegant

Wedgwood California Cup and Saucer Set (Footed) Wedgwood China

A perfect bridal shower gift this cup and saucer turned into a lamp with a cream silk shade matching silk roses and baby's breath!

And the third would be unique accent piece with room to store your small jewelry.

Vintage Lefton China "Wheat" Snack Plate and Cup 8 piece Set

Although I sell these as a set they would make unique gifts for a bridal party! I would top with a Gold shade and have wheat stems rising from the cup.

Now if you like these ideas but do not want to do your own contact Shades ETC about making your special accent lamp at 716-450-3025.