April 26, 2011

How books were made.

Have you ever considered how a book is assembled? I ran across this video clip and decided you might be interested. Of course things have changed today.


April 24, 2011

Join the Smile Club!

A little smile can go along way. When you pass a stranger and smile, you can lighten their day. When they smile back you feel better.
A great gift when given with a smile!
I started smiling willingly as a way of dealing with life. It has done wonders for me, I feel lighter even though things have not really changed. Strangers are starting to smile, when they see me. I have also been know to tell people to smile. 
"You have permission to smile." 
"The admission fee is a smile." 
I do get some strange looks, but I also get some surprising results. My flea market booth was the perfect place to keep the smiles going. Money being tight, sales were down, but smiles and conversation are free. The monetary value of the booth was not good, but my emotional gain was priceless. 
Run your own test, wake up and think of a wonderful moment, smile at yourself in the mirror. Then smile at as many people as you want.
Will it change your problems? No, but with a lighter outlook, you might handle life better. I know I do.

April 23, 2011

Tornado Alley

As I watch the News last evening, I worried about family members still in the St Louis area. It has always amazed me a tornado does not usually strike cities. Talking with my husband, he mention that cities with all their concrete surfaces are warmer and lift systems higher keeping a small tornado from hitting the ground. Now this only served to prove how strong yesterday's storm was. 
Most of my family are across the river from St. Louis, in small cities, farm towns, and farms. And I worried about them. Did I jump on the phone? No, if they are safe, they will be busy, If they need help I will get a message. The phones need to be kept open for emergency services. 
 Yes I do consider myself a country girl, and listened to stories of the tornado that hit 3 states Missouri, Illinois and Indiana which killed 695 people. With Family living near Murphysboro Illinois where 234 were killed. You can imagine the stories. 
My grandmother had worked as a doctor's assistant, although she called herself a mother's helper. When local mothers gave birth she assisted the doctor, then stayed with the mothers several days up to several weeks. Well when the tornado hit the Murphysboro area, she ended up in the thick of it, helping the injured. 
Wheat shafts were driven through Oak trees, towns destroyed and lives forever changed. I was taught from an early age to watch for a tornado. And tornado sirens were tested daily. 12 noon each day the siren rang. More information on the Tri-State Tornado.

My prayers are with all those suffering from tornado damage today.

April 18, 2011

A morning coffee quest!

This morning started with me bleary eyed and yawning, as I wandered to the kitchen for coffee. Luckily I had not poured out yesterdays remains before I discovered I was out of grounds. I poured leftover coffee into a cup and zap it I did. Now I had errands to run, packages to mail, donations to drop off. 
With leftover coffee in hand I walked out the door to see a neighbor walking her dogs. The sun is shinning the temperature perfect. A brief respite is needed, I joined her on a short amble, then into my car I jumped. 
First stop donations and what do I find in the back room a pot of "liquid gold". With a smile and a question my request was fulfilled a refill I manage to get. (Of course I donated some cash.) 
Next stop Hallmark, the Post office is in the back, in line I waited and sipped my dark brew. The woman before was attempting to use a flat rate, with something quite large. I offered to help, my first question being "Will it break?" Four hands succeeded where two had a hard time her package is now securely sealed. My packages shipped once more.
Next stop Publix to get my fix, a canister of coffee in hand. Now breakfast has waited and donuts right there, of course I picked up a half dozen.
Last stop the drug store to pick up my husbands prescription.

Now I safely home, I walk in the door my husband is just walking into the kitchen, wanting his coffee. I am able to start a pot of coffee for us, I glanced at the clock and morning is over. I realize I forgot the roll of special medical tape to treat his wound.

April 16, 2011

Books N WhatNot Invitation to shop

Always say maybe; a modern girl's guide to almost everything,

 but mostly men! by Sandra Gould

I have been very busy posting books for sale since I closed the Booth at Fleamasters. I can tell you I really do miss seeing everyone. As promised I am sending you this one and only invitation.

Be sure to read my blog. I presently managed to list 20- 30 books a day since closing: it is going to take me all summer to list all 8,000 books.

Purchase $15 and I will meet you locally at Starbucks Coffee 8595 College Parkway in Fort Myers. I have one more eye exam on Tuesday wish me luck.

Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon (Aunt Dimity Mystery)

 by Nancy Atherton 1st/1st

As always the cost of admission is a smile.  :)

Be sure to shop at:

Have a great summer. Enjoy a good laugh and many wonderful books.

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April 13, 2011

The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt

One thing about selling used books you can run across some gems. While packing my books for the move, the cover on this books caught my eye. The eyes seemed to look at you. Now I placed it to the side. I had to pace myself and not stay up all night reading with the amount of work I need to get done.

 4 star reading. 
Set in Ancient Rome it draws you into the intrigue of the times, while helping a young woman deal with being a wolf cruelly raised far away from her kind. Arranged marriages, witchcraft trials and abusive relatives. The story pulls you in with just enough adventure to keep you intrigued. A kind hearted courtesan becomes her mentor and friend. A great story.

Alice Borchardt's interview at the end of this paperback is a treat. Of course she is Anne Rice's sister.

Have you ever read this book? 

April 7, 2011

The Move is Complete?

The physical move is complete, the organization portion is not. Last week I packed and boxes and transfer by car 30 boxes of books. Friday and Saturday I sold book and packed them while at the flea market. Sunday all the books were packed but accessible. I find tomato and cucumber boxes work well for paperback books and I also use them for a few hardcover books. I managed to sell another 4 boxes on the weekend, enough to cover the rent for the extra weekend.

I spoke with a fellow bookseller at the market my last day. It was amazing authors he sold easily did not sell for me, and other authors I sold, he was overstocked on. Yes we would send customers to each others booths, when we could not fill their needs.


Wednesday saw me picking up a 14 foot U-Haul truck. I began loading at 9 am and finished at 12:30. 90 boxes of books, 72 of them paperbacks, 5 bookcases, concrete block, 1x10's, tarps, signs, a desk chair, a stool, and other misc items later. I swung by Steak and Shake for a lunch on the go. Opps, overhead looked to low ordered pulled to the side and walked to the window. The truck needed 11 foot clearance. I arrived at my work room thirsty. I did sit to drink plenty of water and kept it going. The unload took longer as I had to sort boxes and temporarily stack them in several processing locations. I need a large work room. Luckily the 3 sales are filled easily as the books have been cataloged with location codes.
One of the sales, a copy of Capture by Robert K. Tanenbaum 1st/1st. I only have 2 copies left.

Now to catalog location complete listing and photograph the books. You will notice I have listed a few books without photos. These I hope to complete this weekend. June 1 is my goal to have all the books listed.

Today I had my biannual eye exam, a hair appointment, chiropractor appointment, and groceries. Today only my calves, hands and feet hurt. I will begin the unpacking tomorrow. Hardcover books will be shelved and listed first. 

To check on potential listing I have placed a spreadsheet online.

April 3, 2011

Fleamasters Clearance Sale this Weekend! Again

 The vampire in me is not so patiently waiting for the dark brew to finish...

I did not manage to move all the books by Thursday. Final weekend extended to this week end with only half the inventory on location. yes everything is in boxes. But sales are still going on. Friday I sold more than I did last Sunday. Go figure place it in a box and they dig for the deals.

Listed on line at great prices
Excuses Begone! by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Broken Shine by Candice Gilmer
The Adventure Patrol by Verl Dasher
The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by Arthur Edward Waite
Angels Fall by Nora Roberts
Yemonja Maternal Divinity by Lloyd Weaver, Olurunmi Egbelade
 Unholy Fire: A Novel of the Civil War by Robert J. Mrazek 1st, 1st
 Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind 1st, 1st
 Cross Bones by Kathy Reichs
 Comanche Moon by Larry McMurtry 1st, 1st        
 The Fifth Angel by Tim Green 

Wow I did not realize the variety of books I was posting last evening. I just grabbed a few off the tops.