January 31, 2011

My latest book buy.

Earlier, I have talked about my purchase of 1,500 pounds of books and I have purchased odd lots from a few other places since then, opened my flea market booth to help sell the surplus of books. Now I have picked up about 2,000 paperbacks I am in the process of recording checking and.....

Yes I did drop of the Blog spear for a little bit. And I definitely am having a few growing pains. My booth needs more shelving; my workspace needs to be stretch larger.

I have books in process everywhere!

Shelving in a hurry, I contacted the supplier where I had earlier picked up some metal shelving. They did not have any shelving open on both sides nor did they have 10-12 inch shelving. After several days of searching I resorted to concrete blocks and planks for shelving.

I am still fine-tuning the shelving, the front displays season is here and I need to accomplish all of it yesterday.

More Photos coming later this week.

January 27, 2011

RoseFeather Handmade Ruby Red Feather Roses

I briefly mentioned these in my last post. I have seen the wooden roses before and they really did not do anything for me the scent was always to strong.

I fell in love with these RoseFeather Handmade Ruby Red Feather Roses look so delicate and real. The work put into making them amazed me.

"Each individual rose takes over 20 minutes by a skilled artist to create entirely by hand. Each rose will have the look and even the smell of a real rose but will last forever. The production process is a delicate artform that takes years of practice and skill to perfect. It is a multi-stage process that uses specially designed scissors, tweezers and custom tools to create using exactly 23 feathers. The process takes the average artisan about 20 minutes from start to finish.
A dozen roses takes 4 hours to create!"

They say 20 minutes for a skilled artisan, this would probably take me two hours to make a single stem, it I managed it and they probably would not look as good! I am only selling red roses for Valentines day. Perhaps I will add other colors as I see how they sell.

The Lenox Floral Scroll Red Crystal Vase I am showing the roses in was introduced by Lenox in 2010. I have 10 vases to sell! These vases, although they are designed for the Holidays, are etched with a subtle red holly and berry motif, so delicate it looks like lace, A perfect vase to be use year round.

A perfect arrangement for placing on a mantle, dinging table, sideboard, dresser, niche, to name a few. Romance in the air year round.

Remember the romance leaves you relationship when you stop being romantic. So hold hands cuddle, and do little things for the ones you love year round! Your wife or husband should always be you girlfriend, boyfriend and best friend.

The best advice I was ever given. "Your Honeymoon ends when you want it to." It is not a place or a special trip it is a way of life. Keep the romance alive and love your special person.

Eventful January?

Time flies!

Where has time gone. Deborah came for two weeks. Mark and Susan came to stay for a while helping me rework my work space. The work bench is now 36 inches instead of giant sized. Deborah helped me set up a large processing table.

Over all we accomplished quite a bit but I am still not done listing all the new items I have managed to acquire. First I have Lenox and Spode Holiday pieces I am putting on line slowly. I have a few with photos already and many without them. I hope to get a few more done later today.

Then I managed to find the cutest bracelets with hearts and crowns! Still to be listed.

Valentines Day's feature RoseFeather Handmade Ruby Red Feather Roses! They are lightly scented and really look wonderful! They are gift boxed in 6 and 12 stem options. Now the Lenox vase I photographed them, in is also available! I chose 18 stems for the photos

Oh no Scheduled Downtime on my site I will have to add the links later!

Now to do my cleaning before my first appointment of the day!

HUM Murano glass bottle stoppers.....

January 5, 2011

Billion Dollar Green: Profit from the Eco Revolution

Some one asked me what my best selling book was. Believe it or not it is Billion Dollar Green: Profit from the Eco Revolution by Tobin Smith, Jim Woods, Liz Claman.

I have sold 3 copies in the last week and a have a few more copies left. All of my copies are First Edition, First Printing, with a Full Print Line.

What is it about?

"Most Americans have no clue how quickly our internal supplies are crumbling. Tobin Smith will give you the facts and forecasts on growth in the "green investing front" and let you see for yourself just how large this opportunity is - right now and for years to come. This is the fastest growing sector - 13-fold over the next decade! Clean UP will show you how to make a small fortune now from "bridge green technologies," closing the gap between traditional and alternative fuels. Smith will also introduce you to a number of segments of the green investing world--taking you inside these agents of change and detail 8 to 10 companies who are real growth stocks with investment profit potential. This book is for anyone interested in investing in the companies that will make billions from the solutions to the billion-dollar problems in the green technology space."

Do I agree that green technology is the wave of the future? Yes I do!

I also see a need for tougher classes in schools to prepare for the future. Give kids the credit they deserve, challenge them to learn and let them use their imaginations.

I had a woman refuse to purchase a 1980's copy of a children's book by Beverly Cleary because the language was different than the 2000's version of the same book. I did not argue, but she is denying her children the chance to expand their minds. Also I have heard nothing about language changes in Beverly Cleary's books. Did I miss something?

What do you think?

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

As the morning breaks I am thinking of all our friends and relatives!

I will watch the sunrise this New Years Morn.
And expect the best of the year to come.
A cup of coffee.
A smile begun.
I would like to wish all of you a Happy Healthy New Year!