June 2, 2012

800 square feet of BLISS

I stumbled across a new blog today, Rustic Living.  Stopping to read an entry 100 square feet of BLISS.'

A memory triggered, of our move to a new town. My parents moved us in during Christmas vacation. My youngest sister was just a few days old, making a total of 7 people living in a house 796 square feet. A little larger than the 100 square foot this single gentleman lived in.

Village "School House" Wall Plaque

The home was built in 1900 and everyone referred to it as the Ford House. With thick hard plaster walls and a steep pitched roof. We kids slept on the second floor, the girls walking through the boys’ room. Now, I know they are counting the square footage from wall to wall, but the roofline met the floor. When I stood, at five foot, I cleared the single bare light bulb by an inch my brothers soon began to hit the bulbs as they grew.

What most people would use as a dining room, my parents used as their bedroom. With my youngest sister placed in an old drawer tucked into the corner. The second floor being to cold for an infant.

The bathroom jutted off the rear of the home, and old porch conversion. With freezing pipes and drafty floors, winter bath times were quick. One quirky thing about the home, there was a second sink by the rear door. When we sat at the table, whoever had a seat near the door had to be careful to not hit the sink with their elbows?

The living room had the only source of heat in the house, an old oil burner. Tucked into the corner too up most of the free space. With the front door, one to the kitchen and one to my parent’s room, each on a different wall, and a door to the “basement” a crawl space for storing can goods. Made setting up the furniture difficult, a single sofa and chair. I know there had to be a TV, but I cannot recall it clearly. The days before cable I think we managed to receive 2 stations clearly and a third depending on the weather.

More later...

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