September 25, 2010

Learning to Play

Joust for Fun by Edith J. S. Doherty, Louise C. Evans

Imagination is the name of the game. All children need to spend time imagining, playing dress up, running outside, and reading.

Without imagination we would never have achieved going to the moon, telephones, airplanes or cell phones. What would our live be like without the dreamers who invented these items?

I have had the honor of calling an inventor friend. He created the Liquid Crystal Display. His name James Fergason! I know he enjoyed reading Science Fiction among other things; he and his wife also encouraged their children and grandchildren to Play!

Can you remember the last time you Played with your children? A simple card table or two chairs with a sheet over it becomes a “Fort”. One evening a week, turn off the TV and play a game together.

Off the Wall Mad Libs by Roger Price, Leonard Stern

How about in the car? Do you talk to your children or encourage them to pay attention to the road? Teach them to read a map? Sing or do tongue twisters? Twister of Twists, a Tangler of Tongues by Alvin Schwartz

A writer needs imagination also. Could you write a book? How about your child? I have 250 Juvenile Books on line at the moment and more on the way. Most are $0.99!

Take time to read and Play.