December 5, 2010

My final move!

OK So I keep moving my Flea market booth. I believe my 4th location is the final one although I am getting quite a work out moving approx 1,200 books each time.

As you can see this booth has great lighting, pegboard walls to hang on. A local vendor made my sign.

Now the story of my move, On Wednesday morning my husband and I took a drive out to the Flea market to start fixing my booth up. I had two sets of metal bookcases back to back, two freestanding bookcases, one long table, a card table, and a desk in my booth. One wall had some pegboard leaning against it but with it not being anchored it was not sturdy enough to hang anything on. The back wall was open you could see the vendors parking and the backs of the other vendors with their piles of boxes with items to sell. Not a very pretty sight. The couple on the other side only used the first two feet of their booth and the rest was storage for their boxes of shoes. I could make it look good, but it never looked to appealing to me. My husband’s reaction was the kicker he did not like it he was cold, and I did not have the heart to make him wait in the car while I started reorganizing the booth. I had measured and confirmed I could open the bookcases up.

Thursday I worked getting boxes of book ready to take with me. I boxed up another two hundred hardcover new books and 4 boxes of mixed used titles.

Friday at 7am I arrive to find I needed another table, on my way to the office I ran into Kim.

She pointed out the vendor next to her had moved out Thursday, It had two wall three lights. The proposal was on did I want to move. After a short internal debate I decided it would be wise I could start the move that night. Kim insisted we do it then, as Fridays are slow. So off to the races we began. I had stashed boxes and began pulling them out filling with books dollies appeared, fellow vendors chipped in and by 10:30 everything was moved to the new booth the book shelves lined up and pegboard placed on the back of the two missing backs. What took me two days to move and set up myself was done in less than a day! And the last time I had fewer Items to move and 4 less bookcases.

By 12pm books were back on the shelves Tables in place. The trunk of my car was emptied of new books and 3pm saw an organized booth.

My fellow vendors have been wonderful to me they helped to stage and move, share advice and are the friendliest lot of people I have ever met.

Will I move again? Not unless it is an air-conditioned booth, with more traffic. The end of December will decided if I stay or not. Sales have been poor for myself and everyone else. With my husbands health I cannot afford to stay if sales do not pick up. But I will thoroughly enjoy all the friends I am making now.

Have a Happy Holiday…