December 1, 2010

A Florida Blustery Day

The wind woke me this morning. It was just whistling away. Reminding me of snow storms up north.

This fall has been mild and I just had to open the windows once in a while. One bedroom window looked closed, but was not latched. The wind was blowing in with a whistle.

Oh Winter...

Take a look at the Vogue Couturier pattern for a woman's 1960's Alberto Fabiani winter coat! What a beautiful design. With it's knee length it helped keep you warm when wearing those minis skirts!

Well this Florida bluster is not like the ones up north. These coats are all too heavy for Florida, but I can dream of being up north, as I sit here in my T-shirt and shorts.

Enjoy your Holiday Shopping as I get ready to Ship some more orders.