November 27, 2011

The story of 1975 Madison House Diesel Auto Horn

1975 Madison House Diesel Auto Horn

I have an item up for sale, I know it will take a one in a million chance for it will to sell.

My husband likes to buy stuff. Well before we were married, he purchased this horn. He planned to install it in his pickup at the time. With one thing or another, he placed it on the shelf and forgot about it. Packed up by movers, from California to Florida it traveled. Imagine my surprise, when I was shredding a box of old papers only to find this in the bottom. 

Never installed, only test once, when I took it to the repair shop to ask Jack, if it worked. Well, Jack & Al (Jack's business partner) hooked it up to a battery and it works fine. There is also a volume control luckily, which will prevent tickets.

With my husband driving a wheel chair these days, this horn needs a new truck for it to ever be installed.

Know anyone who might be interested?

I wonder how else it could be used?