November 6, 2011

Donated to a good cause.

Many of you are aware, I sell books on line. With the advent of the ebook readers. Paperback sales have dropped off.
I have a large inventory of paperbacks, some left over from my flea market booth last year. Most of these sell for 1¢  on line. Due to postal price increases it does not pay for me to list all of them anymore.
I did a major purge over the last month. 
The St. Columbkille church thrift store, is a charity I enjoy making donations to. The church pays the rent on the store front, it is all volunteer and all proceeds go to help the needy. Items are also given outright to individuals in need. I took over 150 books. These they will sell for $2 and up.
Next, the local Library book sale. I am a member of the friends of the library. Once a year they have a large book sale. Being a volunteer, I know things sell better, when people can find them. Since my donation would be large volume, I took the time to prepare the boxes of books by sorting and alphabetizing.
First, I pulled 1600 of the Harlequin and Silhouette books, then I pulled 1900 regular paperbacks and finally 300 hardback books, a grand total of 3800 books. 
I have more I want to remove from my inventory. 
I took an additional 13 boxes of Harlequin and Silhouette's to Goodwill yesterday. I have made a good start on the reduction in my inventory. With the holidays coming, I will now go into marketing mode, as I hope I can increase my sales. 

Crystal Rhinestone Stretch White Gold Plated Bracelets 
Happy Holidays


PS. Don't forget, I sell jewelry also. :D