May 23, 2012

Stay Alive... Just Drive

"Since the introduction of the automobile, distractions have always been a major factor in the safe operation of a vehicle. Distracted driving puts other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians in the bull’s-eye. Given the number of distractions in these days of electronic technology, along with eating, grooming and dealing with small children, society needs to accept the fact that distracted driving has become a public health threat."

Why I rented a spot at the local Stay Alive Just Drive Public Safety BBQ Cook-off held at Harley Davidson Fort Myers.
#1 it is a great organization.
#2 I wanted to work on my displays!

What my set up looked like when I began this season.
A borrowed blue canopy top left dark shadows.
Here are the results of my new booth set up!

I hung displays on the walls of my tent. 
Reorganized all of my displays.

Now to improve the set up time. This took me just over 2 hours, after 3 weeks of preparation.
I really like the looks of my booth from the front.

Views as you walk towards my tent.

The concrete blocks on the tent footing are a must, as wind will move the tent. But I do not like the looks.
And Here I have a friend visiting me during the event.

A customer!
The white carpet does not stay white on blacktop. 
Carpet squares would be much easier.

And adjustment to my signage is a must this one is hanging to low.
Earrings were raining down as the breeze hit the tent walls or people passed between the tents. Knocking the earrings off the display. I need to reinforce and place a buffer between the tent and the board.

I will be ready for next season. For now the temperature is getting to high and most of the shoppers have gone north.

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