May 26, 2012

Traveling Shoes

Vintage BALLY Adorna 

will they also be brave enough to travel?

Have your shoes ever taken a trip without you?

These shoes are made for traveling,
 and that's just what they do
One of these days these shoes,
 are going to stop and visit you.

Well, I had a pair of shoes decide to travel the country, without the new owner.

I had two orders to ship with severe gallbladder pains hampering my vision. Printing the mailing labels, I attached them to the shipping boxes. Dropped the boxes at the post office on my way to the hospital. 

RoseFeather Lifelike Handmade 

Ruby Red Feather Roses

One box contained a dozen feather roses being shipped to a wonderful woman in  Washington State, from her son for Mother Day. The other contained a pair of shoes on their way to Texas. Imagine my surprise when the shoes decided to arrive in Washington State.

I promptly sent a new shipping label to the understanding recipient in Washington state.

Off for testing to see if I needed surgery.

Emails flying, Doctor's visits, and the prognosis, luckily, the shoes arrived before my scheduled surgery.

The grand tour courtesy of USPS Priority Mail and two shipping labels.

FORT MYERS FL               5/5/12 10:40am
OAK HARBOR WA                    05/19/12  2:59pm
KENT WA                          05/19/12 11:15pm
COPPELL TX                       05/20/12 10:55pm
TAMPA FL                         05/22/12  9:53pm
FORT MYERS FL                    05/24/12  4:51am
COPPELL TX                       05/26/12  1:24am
MCKINNEY TX                      05/26/12  1:24pm

These shoes should bring the new very understanding own many adventures, as they are not afraid to travel.

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