November 30, 2013

First day of ownership

"By Trudy Connor"

Written in November 2014 and forgot to post. Opps.  

Saturday morning, as I drink my coffee our agent called. We agreed to meet at the carriage house to give me the keys.  A grey and rainy day cleaning began. The heart of the home is first! 

First thing, I begin cleaning the dishwasher by running 2 cups of vinegar through a short cycle. The dishwasher does not look heavily soiled. I am lucky.
While the dishwasher runs, I unpack the housewarming gift to myself, the new Mikasa Lucerne White Dinnerware

I was amazed at the number of toast crumbs all over the counters. Nothing was cleaned out after she moved. Cleaning the kitchen cabinets inside and out is next. The shelves needed to be cleaned, oil residue still on the shelves! Microfiber cleaning rags soaked in vinegar tackled the interior and exterior, 3 shelves required the addition of "Bar Keepers Friend" to remove soil.

Just over halfway through the kitchen cabinets the dishwasher stops. Opening the dishwasher door I check the results. The dishwasher looks good no signs heavy soiling left. I ran out of clean cleaning cloths, vinegar, toilet paper and it is time to break for lunch. 

At the rental, I take a break, eat, and talk to my husband. He wants to help. Physically he is unable do much of the labor, I ask him to sort out the stack of paperwork I have not managed to get to.

Next we are out of milk, off to the grocery to stock up on a few items, vinegar, baking soda, toilet paper, and a lasagna for dinner.

Back to the carriage house, and the remainder of the kitchen cabinets. Then I move on to the bathroom mirrors, cabinets, sinks and commodes. The commodes I left with 1 cup of vinegar in each bowl to help lift any heavy soiling. No toilet brush at hand. These will wait until I return. The air conditioner is not cooling. I grab all the manuals for the carriage house before I leave.

Out of steam, and very tired, I return to the rental and start the lasagna. My husband is reading the manuals all nicely organized in a binder. I added the few not in the binder before my husband started to read them.

Sunday, I plan to clean out the refrigerator, laundry cabinets and begin filling with inventory. Christmas Items will go in these. One of the 3 cabinets will have bedding and linens.

I am going to invest in a few Occupancy Sensor light switches for the bathrooms and laundry room.