November 28, 2013

Our Move Begins

"By Trudy Connor"

Last August we placed an offer on a carriage house in the community we are renting living in.

When we sold our home last year we had a very fast close. I wanted a carriage house and my husband wanted to remain in a "house", thus the decision to rent a carriage house.

Our offer was accepted in Late October, closing looked like it would be in December. The carriage house is an estate sale and short sale, purchased before the housing crash.

Friday November 15th, while packing boxes, Lawyers began "discussing" the carriage house sale.  Here I am with an accepted offer, boxes being packed. Neither lawyer mine, they represented the Estate and Association, as of 3pm our agent did not think the closing would happen at all.

Frustrated I began ironing! Yes ironing, laundry waits for no one.

3:10 we get a call 5 minutes later the agent showed up with the contract completed and the closing began.

Papers flew back and forth as 3 errors were found. They were corrected by 3:30 and the closing commenced the Bank wired the funds. Everything finalized late that evening.

Saturday I get the keys!

Note: I am posting this blog post later than written. I forgot to hit Publish!