January 27, 2011

RoseFeather Handmade Ruby Red Feather Roses

I briefly mentioned these in my last post. I have seen the wooden roses before and they really did not do anything for me the scent was always to strong.

I fell in love with these RoseFeather Handmade Ruby Red Feather Roses look so delicate and real. The work put into making them amazed me.

"Each individual rose takes over 20 minutes by a skilled artist to create entirely by hand. Each rose will have the look and even the smell of a real rose but will last forever. The production process is a delicate artform that takes years of practice and skill to perfect. It is a multi-stage process that uses specially designed scissors, tweezers and custom tools to create using exactly 23 feathers. The process takes the average artisan about 20 minutes from start to finish.
A dozen roses takes 4 hours to create!"

They say 20 minutes for a skilled artisan, this would probably take me two hours to make a single stem, it I managed it and they probably would not look as good! I am only selling red roses for Valentines day. Perhaps I will add other colors as I see how they sell.

The Lenox Floral Scroll Red Crystal Vase I am showing the roses in was introduced by Lenox in 2010. I have 10 vases to sell! These vases, although they are designed for the Holidays, are etched with a subtle red holly and berry motif, so delicate it looks like lace, A perfect vase to be use year round.

A perfect arrangement for placing on a mantle, dinging table, sideboard, dresser, niche, to name a few. Romance in the air year round.

Remember the romance leaves you relationship when you stop being romantic. So hold hands cuddle, and do little things for the ones you love year round! Your wife or husband should always be you girlfriend, boyfriend and best friend.

The best advice I was ever given. "Your Honeymoon ends when you want it to." It is not a place or a special trip it is a way of life. Keep the romance alive and love your special person.