January 31, 2011

My latest book buy.

Earlier, I have talked about my purchase of 1,500 pounds of books and I have purchased odd lots from a few other places since then, opened my flea market booth to help sell the surplus of books. Now I have picked up about 2,000 paperbacks I am in the process of recording checking and.....

Yes I did drop of the Blog spear for a little bit. And I definitely am having a few growing pains. My booth needs more shelving; my workspace needs to be stretch larger.

I have books in process everywhere!

Shelving in a hurry, I contacted the supplier where I had earlier picked up some metal shelving. They did not have any shelving open on both sides nor did they have 10-12 inch shelving. After several days of searching I resorted to concrete blocks and planks for shelving.

I am still fine-tuning the shelving, the front displays season is here and I need to accomplish all of it yesterday.

More Photos coming later this week.