January 27, 2011

Eventful January?

Time flies!

Where has time gone. Deborah came for two weeks. Mark and Susan came to stay for a while helping me rework my work space. The work bench is now 36 inches instead of giant sized. Deborah helped me set up a large processing table.

Over all we accomplished quite a bit but I am still not done listing all the new items I have managed to acquire. First I have Lenox and Spode Holiday pieces I am putting on line slowly. I have a few with photos already and many without them. I hope to get a few more done later today.

Then I managed to find the cutest bracelets with hearts and crowns! Still to be listed.

Valentines Day's feature RoseFeather Handmade Ruby Red Feather Roses! They are lightly scented and really look wonderful! They are gift boxed in 6 and 12 stem options. Now the Lenox vase I photographed them, in is also available! I chose 18 stems for the photos

Oh no Scheduled Downtime on my site I will have to add the links later!

Now to do my cleaning before my first appointment of the day!

HUM Murano glass bottle stoppers.....