February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air today!

How many times do you think of the one you love and remember how you started? Yesterday at the Flea market I spoke with many couples, yes I was selling the Feather roses, but I enjoyed the conversations with the couple who had been together 20, 30, 40, or 50 years.
Feather Roses

Can you imagine how happy we would be, if everyone treated their husband/wife as thought they were still on their honeymoon?

One husband, when I asked him if he had his Valentine's gift yet, said he did and pointed to his wife who was looking at palm trees for sale, his eyes lit up, they have been married 30+ years! Everyday is Valentine's Day to them. What a wonderful way to think of your spouse. When I spoke to his wife I gave her the gift of his comment. She grabbed his had and squeezed it. Love.

I approached two other gentlemen and asked if they had gifts for their wives, mentioning I had feather roses at $3 a stem. The bantering began, when I was asked how much for a foreigner I said $20, they both smiled and pulled out their wallets purchasing a single stem each for their wives. Of course the price was $3 not $20, but they said their wives were worth more than any roses. As they finished the comment the wives overhearing had shown up. How many times do you tell your spouse how much you are worth to them?

Several older couples I spoke to said they did not need to exchange gifts anymore, but they would always smile at each other as they said this. The gift is the love in their eyes. The gentle touches as they share, their days together.

One gentleman I approached, wife was watching me banter with people, she was looking at the glass in the next booth, As hard as I tried he would not budge, his wife looked disappointed, but he had told me he could not get them as she was with him. At closing in rushes a gentleman to purchase a box of roses. I must say after speaking with so many people, I am not sure but I hope it was the gentleman I spoke to.

I had a young man purchase not roses, but pink freshwater pearl necklace set for his girlfriend. His mother was with him; I showed him two sets and let him decide on the shade of pink explaining they were natural freshwater pearls. With very little help from mom, he chose the set with a slightly golden cast to them. The young man was 17. He reminded me I still the have the first gift from my husband a small charm with the initial B. I may not wear it but I will not part with it either.

As this day begins will you go all out and be romantic today and forget the rest of the year or will you be subtle, and show your spouse you love them all year. When was the last time you said I love you and meant it?

You honeymoon is not over it just changed locations.

Happy Valentine’s Year everyone.