February 28, 2011

My Flea Market Booth History Part One.

The wonders of vegetable boxes!
Most articles talk about furnishing your home or apartment from flea market finds. I found myself needing to furnish my flea market booth to handle all of the wonderful books I intended to sell. The first week I had two Craigslist particleboard bookshelves and two tables provided, with books in vegetable boxes courtesy of Costco! I have always been a fan of recycling. These boxes are not only free but the hold two rows of paperbacks beautifully.

How to get people to look into my booth was the problem, the sun was very bright and shinning it their eyes as they passed my booths. The majority of the booths had been closed in with lattice or tarps, but mine was open to the sun. After obtaining my sunburn for the weekend I moved to another building a spot twice as big as my previous spot. 

More to come.....