February 8, 2011

The Owl by Robert L. Forward

One of the 2,000 books I purchased the other day is The Owl by Robert L. Forward.
"Alexander L'Hiboux Never Sleeps."

Alexander L'Hiboux is the Owl.
Victim of a rare disorder call insomnolence. he wanders the streets stalking his prey, hangs out in all-night diners, and never stays in one place long enough to cast a shadow.

I don't have a home... I don't own a car... The darkness is my only friend... I never sleep; I can't... Because someone is trying to kill me!

Now the dilemma is, do I read this suspense book before I list it for sale or do I stay up late reading. Just looking at the cover with the eye of the owl reflecting the face of the man, makes this look like a very interesting book.

Lorimar Film Entertainment produces a film under the same title in 1991. The film did not receive great reviews, but since when has a movie been able to live up to the promise of a novel. It takes a good 8 hours to read a novel, it is just impossible to condense a written novel into 1 - 2 hour time frame.

As of now it in my pile for future reading, until I take its photo..