July 15, 2011

Men's suit updates


Robert Stock Black & Tan Plaid Sport Coat 48R $79.99
In this economy many people are updating their wardrobes, to include the much more professional look, the suit. 

For that interview a conservative suit is great, but once you have that all important position, you can set you own look with your watch, a bracelet, a tie, a shirt, cuff links, or even a sport coat for casual Fridays.

Comyc Gyrl
A few ideas which will not break the bank.

You already have a great pair of black slacks as part of your suit, in your wardrobe, expand your look with a vintage Robert Stock Black and Tan Plaid Sport Coat 48R this jacket looks to be silk!
Eccentric Thrifter

Add a Retro 1950's Orange Gold Brown Neck Tie Necktie with your crisp white shirt and you have a look beginning no one else will duplicate. 

Bargain Express
In place of the white shirt you could use a conservative yet stylish Gray Striped BRITTANY BAY Dress Shirt its long sleeves allow for the flash of a simple cuff bracelet or Two Tone Stainless Steel and Goldtone Embassy Watch.

Of course these are only a few of the fashion changes you might make. Happy dressing this year!