July 26, 2011

Lake of the Ozarks

 I had the pleasure of spending the weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks. A the trip to see the family. Turned into a wonderful weekend Heat and all!

A canceled flight, delays, I arrived at St Louis airport at 1:30am. I stayed in a hotel near the airport. They picked me up and off to the Ozarks we traveled.

Eleven of us in three vehicles. I rode with the 17 month old twins. We made on stop on the way down. Allowing the twins to eat and run around for approx 45 minutes.

We did a short cruise on my brothers boat and stopped at a local waterfront restaurant for a bite to eat. As we ordered cocktails I suggested we go ahead and order the twins a plate. Great Idea. Once feed they were happy we managed to keep them corralled as the adults ate, I held Cloe on my lap and Caden sat on his grandfathers. Cole enjoyed my fried sweet potatoes much more than I did. Saturday and Sunday more of the same.

Keeping two toddlers in life jackets and entertain on a moving boat was a project. We had one and sometimes two adults keeping an eye on each child at all times. Of course swimming was on the agenda. I enjoyed the kiddie pool on the back of the boat with it's one inch of water.

Monday found us back in Illinois attending the Madison County Fair. The twins loved the rides they rode and enjoyed seeing their cousin Dameon.

Toady I am sitting in the Dallas airport waiting for my return trip home.

Plane Reading - Short Stories for Air Travelers by Edward L McNeil (autographed, first edition)