August 8, 2011

Genre Reading

The other day I met a woman who has been diagnosed for the second time with cancer. This time she will not recover. She has always read nonfiction, mainly biographies and was looking for a book to read. Being the meddler I am, I suggested she try something different. I handed her One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. The next week she returned for more books by Janet Evanovich. She really enjoyed the humor. Laughing helped lift her spirits. I am sad to say I have not seen her since, and it has been a month, but I do think of her.

When you look for a book do you stick to one genre or do you read multiple genres?

I find myself reading Mysteries, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance, I also enjoy some non-fiction cookbooks of course, and strangely enough books about trains.

Selling used books gives me a wide variety to choose from today I am reading Deep Midnight by Shannon Drake part of her Vampire Series. O course you can find books I have for sale at

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