September 25, 2011


Just spent a couple hours visiting good friends of ours, both of them in their late 80's. Near the end of the visit Jim asked me, if I knew anything about computers. Well I know the Mac. 

Thank Heavens for Friends

They have a Dell. 
First request was, if I would help them send photos of the kitchen to their children.  

Then a trickier question arose, could I scan a proof sheet and send the photos to them. I explained the proof sheet would not scan well. It seems, when they attempted to work with the camera disk, it printed a proof sheet. I asked if he had erased the disk. He said he had it auto delete when he loaded the disk.

Off to the computer the three of us went. First he handed me the battery to load onto the computer. I explained I needed the disk. Next locating the slot, turned out to be on the printer. Crossing my fingers I placed the disk in the slot and up popped up the instructions. Following them I managed to load all 276 photos, including the ones on the proof sheet. I lucked out they now think I am really good.

Selected the photos hit the email button; ah something is not right, the address are not auto filling for the email.

Turns out they do not have an outlook express email account.

On to their Comcast account up load photos, and send.

Then they hand me another camera disk they had from Christmas 2002 another 280 photos. Needless to say they are now, as I type, sending photos to various family members. 

And me I am still chuckling at the fact they had this second disk, and wanted to make sure they could send them also.

The real kicker, they had never emptied their recycling bin. It is now empty.

Me I am smiling. Glad I could help them.