September 26, 2011

Photography Progression

Sept 17, 2011 results of final G+ coaching, a photo I can use.
Photographing jewelry is a relatively new venture for me. Hiring a professional, would require a much larger inventory and a larger price tag.

I have always been a snap shot type of person. While my daughter is a photographer, she lives on the other coast, too far away to snag into doing these photos. She has done a few before while visiting.

Sept 1, 2011 I lost hair this day.
Not having a high end SLR camera, I have had to learn to use my Digital, to capture the images I needed. In the last few weeks, I have taken many many photos, lost a few handfuls of hair, ground my teeth, used a magnifying glass, and threatened to smash the camera against the wall.

Mid July, I Joined Google+.
 I admired many of the photographs, I watched on the stream, and knew I needed help.

I gave myself until the end of September. I needed to get these earrings listed for sale. After several frustrating weeks, I finally developed the nerve, to ask for help via the Google+ stream. After all, I am no where near their level of expertise.

Sept 16, 2011 1st Google+ photo
What I had to work with:
  • light tent
  • lumix dmc-fh20
  • Two 3000K 45w Tungsten lamps
  • Tripod
  • Grey Boiled wool
  • Black Granite Tile
  • White Bathroom Tile
You will note with my daughter's urging, via the telephone, I switched to Macro photography, prior to posting to Google+.

But I needed to learn more, about adjusting the white balance.

Sept 17, 2011 2nd Google+ Photo
I began with the lights pointing directly at the earrings. This caused a harsh reflection.  I changed the lighting method.

Next, the ISO was set to auto, this I first adjusted to 400, then with some urging, dropped to 100. I began using the timer on the camera for each photo, greatly decreasing the blurry images.

Another problem, reflections, I was wearing red shirt one day and a blue the next. A sheet hung over the light tent allowed me to move the camera lower, and prevent reflections.

Finally I managed a usable photo! Perhaps if I ran the photo through Photoshop, I could eliminate the dust on the earrings, and once I get all the earring posted for sale, I need to take the time to learn Photoshop.

I received valuable help from Marcel Bankmann, Joe Gastrich, Justin Bond, Ursula Rodgers, David Kaiser, and many others.

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