October 29, 2011

Halloween Memories

Halloween is fast approaching.
And childhood memories are encroaching...

A tiny old white brick house with narrow doors, sloping ceilings, steep stairs, and thick plaster walls. Outside an old well stood between the house and a dilapidated garage so old, the doors swung out scraping the ground as they opened. Once opened wide, they proved too narrow for a car to fit between.

Now it is a risky business to leave your vehicle outdoors, while ghost and goblins made their way around town. The previous year our car had proved to be to tempting for the tricksters roaming around. The next morning we discovered soaped windows, toilet paper, and old tin cans adorning the car.

The front porch, we prepared for the season. Yarn became spider webs, and old clothes a scarecrow. Other bits and pieces became our costumes, a mob of 5 left out the front door, toting our pillowcases to collect our treats. My brothers running off with their friends, while my younger sisters and I continued on trick or treating. As we approached the third house, we heard a scream. Eerie in the night, especially this night as it filled with screams. 

Around the block we continued, cutting the corner short and though our yard a large ghost appeared from the narrow garage. Loudly screaming, we ran into the house. To find our mother laughing!

Trick or treat, our father tricked, the car windows remained clean, and he safely left for work at 5am the next morning.

I still smile, as I remember, the family tradition begun that evening. The old sheet was used many times and the laughter the next day was fun.  Did you see them run!