October 1, 2011

Navy Fighters and the Santa Catalina Ferry

In the 1950's, young Navy fighter pilots flew out of Miramar California.
Flying high and low, to and fro over land and water. Experiencing the thrill of going supersonic. Above and in the clouds, these young pilots flew formations and combat patterns. Often they would find themselves over Santa Catalina, a favorite place for them to go.
The local Radio broadcast, upon the Santa Catalina Ferry easily picked up in cockpits would play. The broadcaster would entice the young pilots to appear out of the sky. Down they would go to buzz the ferry, dropping out of supersonic as they came down low, over the waves for a little show. And often times a song would play "26 Miles Across The Sea."
As fast they came, they would leave, to the song on the radio.

Many of those young pilots became Air Line Pilots.