March 1, 2011

My Flea Market Booth History Part 2.

After much frantic repositioning, moving and relocating, I had stocked this second booth with more books. I spotted a desk for sale and quickly relocated it to the back of the booth. No Internet available, but I could work on grading books. After a long morning with no one coming to visit I quickly ordered a sign. It helped a little but not enough. No one could see my booth through all the cars. I did have room to bring in more books. 

Expanded inventory to include the cutest little baby hats.

I did learn that at Fleamasters Flea market in Fort Myers, when you rent by the week or month you could securely leave items there! This booth was beautiful with a roll down door and chain link gate. Ah but no customers, no traffic.

Now, I moved to spot # 3, obtained metal shelving from a local shelving store enhanced my new location. These are used shelving. With all the business folding in Fort Myers an easy find. Bonus #2 they delivered! But I had to leave them back-to-back, as two did not have backs.

This booth with the bookshelves set up back to back, could only handle one table a negative. It was smaller than booth #2. No back or sidewalls. More traffic. Alas set up was difficult. I was measuring to add walls when….