March 22, 2011

Ad for Corning Glass

I received this link in an email. I have known about some of the elements of the video for some time, but I was not aware of all of the elements.

Over the years, I have had many parents worried when their children prefer to read science fiction. I have encouraged them not to worry. Science fiction and fantasy books are a great way for them to stretch their imaginations. Stretching the imagination leads to invention. If no one had thought of Light bulbs, televisions, computers, or automobiles they would not exist. 

And Having Writ ...: A Science Fiction Novel by Donald R. Bensen (First Ace printing)

Yes we play computer games, roll playing games, and just about anything on the computer these days. Even the "Dinosaur generation" has gotten into the act. When was the last time you picked up an old science fiction book? And laughed because it is no longer considered out of the realm of possibility.