March 8, 2011

My Flea Market Booth History Part 3.

Upon my 4th and final move I was beginning to be known as the traveling bookstore….

Just as I was calculating lumber and supplies a booth down the way opened. I found walls and a roll down tarp to make closing up at night easier. Two padlocks help to secure things nicely. Read about the move!

Opening up the bookshelves and using pegboard on the back solves the floor size issue.

The metal shelving holds may book. But I have to be careful how tall the books are. The center tables have my jewelry and whatnot, the rear wall host children's books and toys; and the long side table has copies of new books I have for sale! Across from me they sell plants and planters. I am near one of the entrances to the building. Over all a much better location.

The desk up front seemed to be working well for displays.

Happy days, for awhile.