March 31, 2011

The move is going slowly

My clearance sale might have gone well, but the move is going much slower than I thought. I have relocated 45 boxes so far, but I have 80 more boxes packed and another 45-70 boxes of books left to pack. Any advice?

Already Listed and ready to ship!

  The world's bestselling novelist is back with Secrets, a steamy novel chronicling the rise of a lingerie chain. Jerry Cooper of The Predators is back to launch his new empire of intimate women's apparel. He now has a son, Les Cooper, a streetwise young lawyer who slowly uncovers the family's mob involvement, a secret which Jerry has desperately tried to conceal until he finds himself in need of a lawyer. Combining the grit of his early work with the glamour of his later novels, Robbins once again provides readers with a pantheon of street-raised hustlers and anti-heroes who would use their hard-won knowledge to claw their way up the ladder of success.

I just wish I had time to read this evening. Yes I am unpacking as many as I can and reusing the boxes.