May 6, 2011

Computer Knowledge not my FORTE

Yes I have disappeared for the last week.

Last week I received the following message on my store status.
Add Google Attributes for unique identifiers to all your items that have ones.
Ok, I though I had been adding the hidden text properly. You see, I though I was being so smart to have a spread sheet fill in my Google attributes. Now this would have worked beautifully except it dropped the leading 0 on my ISBN's, and as I had not learned to up load the EAN also. My books were not showing properly on Google searches. 
 I have presently 2229 book listing to check!

I believe my listing now accommodate Google search.
I have used the following attributes

Now, I have many books prior to ISBN's, I hope they pull up in the searches.  You are welcome to let me know if my work is paying off.

Oh, I have also been working on my story lines for the listings I missed placing them in.

Oh the roses are selling nicely for mother's day!

Back to work!