May 26, 2011

A normal day or was it?

Tuesday, I arose at 7 am after pouring my coffee! I started my day, first I check for overnight orders. I had several to locate and ship. Once that is completed I usually grab a bite to eat and continue with a few computer chores.

95 boxes of books against the wall 95 boxes of books take one down and toss it around 94 boxes of books.

Since closing my flea market booth I have been sorting storing and cataloging various books. My goal is to get 25-30 books listed each day. Granted most of the books I am listing first are the hard cover books. The paperbacks I may do a mass up load once I manage to get to them.

94 boxes of books against the wall 94 boxes of books take one down and toss it around 93 boxes of books.

Cookshelf Chinese by Jenny Stacey

Ooh la la cookbooks!

93 boxes of books against the wall 93 boxes of books take one down and toss it around 92 boxes of books.

More cookbooks!

Well I do not quite toss it but I do dust inspect complete listing information give it a final dust and hopefully photograph before shelving. So far I have shelved many I need to photograph, just to make room! I think I have managed to list 608 books since closing my booth!

In the meantime I got a notice all listings need more attributes filled out! Luckily they have an exclamation mark for identification. I finished revising one category of listings now I am working on the second, then I will do the third.

Well Tuesday about 12:30, Pat, a local real-estate agent, stopped by and asked if I had gotten a call from Marilyn, I had not. Pat mentioned Marilyn was closing on her own house. Pat had customers who would like to see mine about 3:30. I showed her the stacks of books; they had spread outside of my workroom into the family room and dining room as I sorted them. Now the challenge was on how did I make this place look good in 3 hours with somewhere around 8,000 books all over the place.

Chinese Herbs with Common Foods: 

Recipes for Health and Healing by Henry C. Lu

After weeks of just books, the impetus was there. I grabbed the broom and swept under the processing table, I move cleaned boxed paperbacks under the table from the family room and dining room. Dishes, counters, bathrooms, floors, bed made, surfaces, dusted, moved laundry, folded cloths, and tossed the ironing back into the empty dryer! My house looked bigger the workroom smaller!

The showing took place and I will contain my books! Luckily all boxes are now numbered as I refill them with the cleaned books! The big mistake I made when I packed the booth up not numbering and recording what was in each box. (Of course I did not actually have time to do that before I loaded the truck.

Why did I put the house up for sale? My husband fell down the stairs; I need a home more wheelchair friendly.
One with a larger workroom.

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