November 7, 2010

Blogging. Please Post Your opinion!

New to the blogging world, when I look at my blog, I think I did am doing a good job. But then, I happen to look at another blog and I see so many wonderful ideas.

Take The Walls that Talk Blog. It has a peaceful serenity to it with its subtle deep blue background and pale yellow foreground. Even the product pictures have the same feel. They have some wonderful Holiday decorating ideas.

Lighted Glass Blocks
"Have you seen those clear glass blocks at all the hobby stores? They have a hole that you can slide a sting of Christmas lights inside. Apply a holiday design or quote to the glass and the light will shine thru. What a great way to lighten up a dark corner and bring in some Christmas sparkle!"

After looking at the blog I wonder should I change mine, but then I stall and think I like my background. What do you think?