November 18, 2010

My Friday at Fleamaster

The big Flea market in Fort Myers is Fleamaster. I rented booth 48 orange. This booth is not on the outer perimeter. One side of the isle the stores have been there for several years, Sparky’s features Ed Hardy Cloths. Here’s your sign makes custom signs on the premises. The other booth has a woman who hand crafts sweaters, quilt and tea towels. The couple to my left feature handcrafted Christmas ornaments. To my right is an insurance agent.

I have 1,000+ books jewelry purses, shoes and infant hats.

Friday, One woman stopped and purchased 23 of the The Gunsmith Series by J R Roberts, I now have 6 left.  Other than her traffic has been very slow. Sparkey's has a return customer. I recognize the customer from earlier.

Down the hall is a stand that sells cutlery.

I managed to purchase a taco salad from the Tex-Mex stand down the way, an excellent choice.

The rest of the day was very slow; I spent most of my time talking to my neighbors.

This booth is tight. The sun is bright. I am tired.