November 1, 2010

The ghosts and goblins

have gone to bed, along with the group of Hippies.

Last night I enjoyed myself answering the door and handing out Bandz.
Just one of the styles I have

We all deserve a treat.

November is about Thanksgiving and family. It is a time you begin to winterize you home and snuggle up with a book.
I have 1,500 pounds of books I will be posting slowly to my website this month and I am going to have a sale at the same time. I must be insane. They will also be on my Amazon and Alibis store.

The codes below will allow you and your friends 15% off through Google checkout.
familyreads 15.0% off Whatnot

thanks10 15.0% off Gems

Green Freshwater Baroque Pearl Bracelet

Perhaps you can help me with my goal of getting these posted and sold.

I also will have some crocheted baby hats hitting the site later this week I do not list until they arrive.