October 10, 2010

I'm green with envy!

I spotted this scarf at the Eccentric Thrifter's Blog. Only a fellow needle worker will appreciate the hours spent making this scarf!

Now I expected the price to reflect the time put into making this beautiful scarf.
If you found it on another well known site, you could expect to pay $50. You will not believe her price it is very affordable!

I would have it in my wardrobe, if I did not live in Florida!

How she finds the time to make all these beautiful one of a kind scarves and hats, I do not know.

I expect if you contacted her, she could do one in the color you wanted! Perhaps your school colors? You just have to allow for the hours a custom color would take!

She also deals in books, clothing and housewares, if I do not have what you are looking for, she may!

Good luck hunting your next deal!