October 23, 2010

My day at the flea market!

I spent my day at the flea market with about 600 books. It is not close to the house, at 5am I loaded the car with the intentions of spending the day....

"The Flea Market of Ortiz Avenue is Southwest Florida's oldest and most unique flea market. Most loved by locals. With nearly 600 spaces, we offer everything from A - Z."

What did I learn. Next time do more research. If I had Spanish books I would have sold out in the first hour.

Children are the same everywhere. I had a family stop by with three little girls. Each girl picked out a book and immediately wanted to sit down and read, while the parents wanted to shop. They passed my booth three times and I could watch the girls progress by the way they held the book.

The day was very slow. But sunny and mild will I do it again, probably once or twice when I need to download my inventory.

What will I do with the rest of my evening?

Put my books in order and record the sales.