October 15, 2010

The World of a rambler.

I sit here in my chair. I have an afgan I am working on for my niece's baby, due next week! A cup of coffee at my side. I have several boxes of books to work on, but today I just do not feel like doing it. The baby is coming, I will start crocheting when I complete this blog.

Yesterday and all of this week I have had a cold and cough! Driven to 5 doctors appointment with my husband and look forward to a quiet morning. I have two packages I will drop in the mail, on my way to my husband's next doctors appointment. Tomorrow, I plan on going to a local flea market and seeing what I can find, or perhaps next week when the cough clears up.

I have a weeks worth of laundry to do and two weeks worth of cleaning to accomplish this coming weekend.

To the side are purses to photograph, papers to file and a months worth of work to do in a week.

Right now my interest is the new baby coming! I wish I could be there for the birth.