October 14, 2010

The Value of Art.

What type of art do you decorate your home with do you ever look at it enjoy it?

Mediterranean Seaside Town Painting Many Cypress

Many of us hang a piece of art because it fills the space. But do you enjoy the art you have hung?

Mediterranean Seaside Painting Cypress

My belief is a piece of art is something you want to look at daily. It must have the something you want to see. Can you frame a child's drawing? Definitely, I framed one of my daughters, when she was 10. I still have it hanging today.

Does your art have to match? No it does not, you are not one-dimensional neither should your art be. You can hang a Renoir next to a botanical watercolor, or a Dali next to a charcoal sketch.

Perhaps you like Photographic art. The photo of the Old shoes just pulls me in. You can check it out on Random Oasis Photography

Scenic View of Mediterranean Seaside Town

Scenic View of Mediterranean Seaside Town

 You may not be able to afford a home on the ocean, but you can hang an ocean view as a serene setting for your home.

 How do you frame a photo or piece of art. My suggestion take the art with you. Lay the frame over it does it enhance the art? Perhaps matting?

I have three small painting listed with Mediterranean Seaside setting. I am showing one piece here with three different styles of frame. Which of these frames would you prefer?