April 7, 2011

The Move is Complete?

The physical move is complete, the organization portion is not. Last week I packed and boxes and transfer by car 30 boxes of books. Friday and Saturday I sold book and packed them while at the flea market. Sunday all the books were packed but accessible. I find tomato and cucumber boxes work well for paperback books and I also use them for a few hardcover books. I managed to sell another 4 boxes on the weekend, enough to cover the rent for the extra weekend.

I spoke with a fellow bookseller at the market my last day. It was amazing authors he sold easily did not sell for me, and other authors I sold, he was overstocked on. Yes we would send customers to each others booths, when we could not fill their needs.


Wednesday saw me picking up a 14 foot U-Haul truck. I began loading at 9 am and finished at 12:30. 90 boxes of books, 72 of them paperbacks, 5 bookcases, concrete block, 1x10's, tarps, signs, a desk chair, a stool, and other misc items later. I swung by Steak and Shake for a lunch on the go. Opps, overhead looked to low ordered pulled to the side and walked to the window. The truck needed 11 foot clearance. I arrived at my work room thirsty. I did sit to drink plenty of water and kept it going. The unload took longer as I had to sort boxes and temporarily stack them in several processing locations. I need a large work room. Luckily the 3 sales are filled easily as the books have been cataloged with location codes.
One of the sales, a copy of Capture by Robert K. Tanenbaum 1st/1st. I only have 2 copies left.

Now to catalog location complete listing and photograph the books. You will notice I have listed a few books without photos. These I hope to complete this weekend. June 1 is my goal to have all the books listed.

Today I had my biannual eye exam, a hair appointment, chiropractor appointment, and groceries. Today only my calves, hands and feet hurt. I will begin the unpacking tomorrow. Hardcover books will be shelved and listed first. 

To check on potential listing I have placed a spreadsheet online.