April 23, 2011

Tornado Alley

As I watch the News last evening, I worried about family members still in the St Louis area. It has always amazed me a tornado does not usually strike cities. Talking with my husband, he mention that cities with all their concrete surfaces are warmer and lift systems higher keeping a small tornado from hitting the ground. Now this only served to prove how strong yesterday's storm was. 
Most of my family are across the river from St. Louis, in small cities, farm towns, and farms. And I worried about them. Did I jump on the phone? No, if they are safe, they will be busy, If they need help I will get a message. The phones need to be kept open for emergency services. 
 Yes I do consider myself a country girl, and listened to stories of the tornado that hit 3 states Missouri, Illinois and Indiana which killed 695 people. With Family living near Murphysboro Illinois where 234 were killed. You can imagine the stories. 
My grandmother had worked as a doctor's assistant, although she called herself a mother's helper. When local mothers gave birth she assisted the doctor, then stayed with the mothers several days up to several weeks. Well when the tornado hit the Murphysboro area, she ended up in the thick of it, helping the injured. 
Wheat shafts were driven through Oak trees, towns destroyed and lives forever changed. I was taught from an early age to watch for a tornado. And tornado sirens were tested daily. 12 noon each day the siren rang. More information on the Tri-State Tornado.

My prayers are with all those suffering from tornado damage today.