April 24, 2011

Join the Smile Club!

A little smile can go along way. When you pass a stranger and smile, you can lighten their day. When they smile back you feel better.
A great gift when given with a smile!
I started smiling willingly as a way of dealing with life. It has done wonders for me, I feel lighter even though things have not really changed. Strangers are starting to smile, when they see me. I have also been know to tell people to smile. 
"You have permission to smile." 
"The admission fee is a smile." 
I do get some strange looks, but I also get some surprising results. My flea market booth was the perfect place to keep the smiles going. Money being tight, sales were down, but smiles and conversation are free. The monetary value of the booth was not good, but my emotional gain was priceless. 
Run your own test, wake up and think of a wonderful moment, smile at yourself in the mirror. Then smile at as many people as you want.
Will it change your problems? No, but with a lighter outlook, you might handle life better. I know I do.