April 18, 2011

A morning coffee quest!

This morning started with me bleary eyed and yawning, as I wandered to the kitchen for coffee. Luckily I had not poured out yesterdays remains before I discovered I was out of grounds. I poured leftover coffee into a cup and zap it I did. Now I had errands to run, packages to mail, donations to drop off. 
With leftover coffee in hand I walked out the door to see a neighbor walking her dogs. The sun is shinning the temperature perfect. A brief respite is needed, I joined her on a short amble, then into my car I jumped. 
First stop donations and what do I find in the back room a pot of "liquid gold". With a smile and a question my request was fulfilled a refill I manage to get. (Of course I donated some cash.) 
Next stop Hallmark, the Post office is in the back, in line I waited and sipped my dark brew. The woman before was attempting to use a flat rate, with something quite large. I offered to help, my first question being "Will it break?" Four hands succeeded where two had a hard time her package is now securely sealed. My packages shipped once more.
Next stop Publix to get my fix, a canister of coffee in hand. Now breakfast has waited and donuts right there, of course I picked up a half dozen.
Last stop the drug store to pick up my husbands prescription.

Now I safely home, I walk in the door my husband is just walking into the kitchen, wanting his coffee. I am able to start a pot of coffee for us, I glanced at the clock and morning is over. I realize I forgot the roll of special medical tape to treat his wound.