April 16, 2011

Books N WhatNot Invitation to shop

Always say maybe; a modern girl's guide to almost everything,

 but mostly men! by Sandra Gould

I have been very busy posting books for sale since I closed the Booth at Fleamasters. I can tell you I really do miss seeing everyone. As promised I am sending you this one and only invitation.

Be sure to read my blog. I presently managed to list 20- 30 books a day since closing: it is going to take me all summer to list all 8,000 books.

Purchase $15 and I will meet you locally at Starbucks Coffee 8595 College Parkway in Fort Myers. I have one more eye exam on Tuesday wish me luck.

Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon (Aunt Dimity Mystery)

 by Nancy Atherton 1st/1st

As always the cost of admission is a smile.  :)

Be sure to shop at:

Have a great summer. Enjoy a good laugh and many wonderful books.

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