June 28, 2011

A Good Marriage is Forever

In June of 2010 my husband and I were invited to a very special event. Very good friends of ours requested, we be the only guests, when they renewed their vows for their 60th anniversary. They were repeating their marriage vows in front of a local priest on Sanibel Beach. Now, this was not something I wanted to miss. 60 years and they still treat each other as they are on a honeymoon! She carried a rosary her daughter made, and a single flower. As we stood on the board walk their sons and daughter showed up. I had tears in my eyes as I watched them repeat their vows.
They just celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary. In a day and age, when a couple making it to their 25th anniversary is very rare.

My observations.
  • They still hold hands whenever they can.
  • Offer to do things for each other.
  • The say thank you and mean it.
  • They discuss life, news, and current event with each other.
  • They are each other’s best friends.
  • To see them you would think they are still dating.


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When was the last time you said, "I love you" for no reason?
Treated your spouse to a movie at home, cuddling on the sofa, like you were in the back of the movie theatre?
Forgetting the little things, I believe causes the downfall of your marriage.
The greatest gift you can give each other is treating each other as though you are still on your honeymoon.

The best advise I can give: "Your honeymoon ends when you want it to. It is not a trip it is a state of marriage." Renew your vows with one another, begin today as you are on a honeymoon and never let it end.