June 13, 2011

Sewing with Paper

One of the best uses of paper is in a pattern.

In Sewing, paper is used to make patterns. This tissue paper is now printed with lines notches and dart dots and other various codes to help the seamstress or tailor to easily assemble a garment.  

Vogue is a well named brand of pattern. I found this one at CarolinaBlueLady. One of the highlights of making you own clothing. You will unlikely see anyone in the same garment. Take this coat pattern. Notice you have three lengths to choose from, but you can also use various fabrics and colors. Picture it in Flannel, Wool Gabradine or Mohair. Choose Black white camel red green or any other color you can find.

 Vintage is a wonderful way to dress. This next pattern comes from Comyc Gyrl. A Marian Martin two piece suit perfect even in today's office environment. Worn with a classic pearl necklace you cannot go wrong. Update the look by using a silk shantung.

Holiday decorating can be done by sewing also, take this Reindeer family, You choose the fabrics for the family clothing. you could even use scrap from your lovely suit to create the clothing for the reindeer. Better yet make several outfits for the children to play with. Check out Eccentric Thrifter


Vogue 1930's Pattern Evening Frock/Dress $94.99

Now for the icing on the cake take this 1930's Evening Frock in white it could be a bridal gown, in black a stunning evening dress. How many times have you gone out only to see two people with the same dress on? I have seen in more times than I could believe. Everyone seems to shop at the same stores and since most dresses are carried in more than one size and sometimes multiple of the size it is a very high risk of seeing your dress on someone else. Even if someone else used the pattern with fabric choices of taffeta, silk crepe, satin, semi-sheer crepe, cotton print, handkerchief linen, organdie, rayon, celanese or bemberg.

Breakout you sewing machine and take a step back in time with vintage patterns and quality fabric.