June 27, 2011

Kitchen Fire Video

In my email this morning I receive this video.

Many may not know, but our home in California survived a kitchen fire.


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Prior to our marriage, our home was the local "bachelor pad." As an airline pilot, many of his friends would drop in. They would use the guestroom, instead of spending the night in a hotel. For years my husband never locked the house. People just came and stayed, even when he was not there.

One of the roommates, "who's name shall not be mentioned", while preparing breakfast, left the kitchen unattended. He had place the bacon on the stove, then left to go back to his bedroom. Now apparently he answered the phone, and forgot about the bacon. A grease fire was the result. Needless to say, the fire climbed the walls and seared the entire kitchen. The fire department being one block over, responded quickly and the house was saved.

Left with a shell of a kitchen the gents began rebuilding. Woodworking became a passion. Cabinet were pulled down and replaced or refaced. Redwood 2x4's were lathed into tin strips, mitered and placed on the fronts of the cabinet doors. A  cook top with a larger hood was place in the new peninsula. Drawers were built to hold pots and pans. And a fire extinguisher was placed next to the range! The walls around the range were now tiled.

Even today, I keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. I hope to never need to use the fire extinguisher. For safety, never hang pot holders or aprons around your cook top.