June 10, 2011

June's Goal Accomplished!

5 Mickee Madden books 

Yesterday, I finished listing a large chunk of my paperbacks. I had set a goal of 1,800 titles before the end of June! Done!

The Ruby Dice 
by Catherine Asaro $3.99

Now, I just have to Clean the house, not only did I neglect the house, I barely fed my husband. We have subsided on leftovers, and quick meals.

The Trail Blazers by 
Lee Davis Willoughby 1st, 1st $0.99

I spent a average of 12 hours a day posting books!

Dime Store Magic 
by Kelley Armstrong $2.99
Not using an automated listing service, I list all my items individually. You may find spelling errors, my daughter laughs at my lack of spelling ability! Please feel free to point them out, when you find one.

Chance #8: Missouri Massacre 
by Clay Tanner 1st, 1st  $0.99

One thing I did, I very seldom do is use stock photos and a general description for condition. Very few if any of the books are listed above $2 the majority are at $0.75

How did I describe them?

Follow the River 
by James Alexander Thom $0.99

Haunted by 
Kelley Armstrong 1st, 1st $4.99
" Good- Acceptable. Possibly read more than once, store stamp inside, automatic reduction to good. A great reading copy, not in collectible condition. Stock photo. Ships in plain envelope. Store stamp in front of book. "

Stone of Tears by 
Terry Goodkind $0.99
Note these books came from a used paperback exchange, Some of them do have stamps some of them have a little heavy wear, but the majority look similar the books shown on this page.

The Fire Brands 
by George Smith $0.99

Buffalo Nickel 
by C. W. Smith $0.99
The question I have tried to ask myself, do I remove all the green price tags before I photograph the books? For the price I think not. The first few boxes I did photograph and remove price tags. Perhaps once I finish all my listing I will remove all the price tags and redo photos.

95 boxes of books to post,
95 boxes of books!

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